We have put the computer in our homes and without it, we are pretty much lost. Thousands of family photos are stored on your computer. Despite all of this technology, somehow your PC gets infected with a Trojan, Virus, Malware, or our browser gets high-jacked. We can take care of all of these nasty problems and best of all, we don’t charge just to look at it. That part is free.

Web Design

Imagination Pathway can accommodate any needs. Do you need a website or do you have one that needs to be modified? If you don’t have a domain name yet don’t worry we can purchase your domain, add sub-domains, and we can even handle hosting for a low price.

Do you need an e-commerce store, or perhaps you want your own social networking site? Maybe you only need a simple page to provide some information about your business. We can handle any size request and will work with you through the entire process to make building the website of your dreams a great experience.

All websites come with support, and on site or remote training!

Maintenance and Care

We can setup a preventive maintenance plan for your home or office. Let us take help you save money by reducing your future costs, protect your data, and get a longer life out of our equipment and software.

IT Services

We offer a wide array of Professional IT Services that meet any needs. No matter what your issues are, Imagination Pathway can help you out.

Remote Support

If you can connect to the Internet, we can offer remote support no matter where you are.